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Septic Tanks in St. Charles, MO

Understanding how your septic tank works is vital to making sure it works properly. There are many factors that can affect the performance of your septic tank. There is no real rule as to how often you may need professional septic tank cleaning. Each tank can be different, based on the size and the amount of waste it holds. In St. Charles, septic tank pumping may be needed at different intervals, depending on the tank itself.

Septic Tank Maintenance
Even if your septic tank works exactly as it should, it can't possibly get rid of all the waste that accumulates over time. While the bacteria inside the tank can effectively decompose much of the material in the tank, once there is too much solid waste buildup inside, the bacteria cannot function properly. This is why septic tank pumping may be necessary on a regular basis to keep your tank working optimally and prevent seeping. 

Ignoring or putting off septic tank maintenance can lead to flooding of the soil around the tank, which usually requires a costly fix. In extreme cases, the only way to fix this is by digging up and removing the tank. Regular maintenance will help to maximize the life span of your septic tank and keep you from having to replace the tank before it is totally necessary.

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